More than 45 years experience
in industry

VANTERM was established in 1971 in Istanbul. For more than 45 years, VANTERM provides air filtration solutions to its customers from different fields of industry. With its experience reaching almost a half century, VANTERM has the passion for providing excellence in clean air solutions to its customers in the industrial air filtration.

With the new production halls invested during 2018 to our Gebze plant, the total own production facility of VANTERM reached up to 18.000 sqmt production area.

VANTERM works continuously to provide its customers and dealers optimum filtration solutions, with its highly skilled engineers and production-test facilities. VANTERM designs and produces air – filtration units and dust collectors appropriate to CE standarts; and sells them worldwide through its dealers. All of the VANTERM dust collectors meet the related international standard, for its application range.


VANTERM holds today’s high-technology production capabilities and keeps always in investing for further improvements.


With its passionate technical team, VANTERM provides its customers a high level of engineering to find out the best solution for their filtration problems.


Friendly client managers keep assisting you, in the whole periods of your order processing: planning, implementing and tracking.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that quality of the air that we breathe in the industrial workshops, is as crucial as the water, that we drink or the food, that we eat. Therefore, our mission is to create air filtration solutions that protect people and products from harms of industrial dust, fume or smoke existing in the different processes.

We keep the following core values
in every step we take

Create dedicated solution for the process!

VANTERM creates always dedicated solution for your dust – fume problem: In other words, VANTERM provides a specific designed product to meet the challenges of the focused process. We call this: Process Focused Filtration Solutions.

A good solution is not always good enough!

VANTERM provides its customers optimum, excellent filtration solutions rather than just good ones. To keep the optimum and the excellent solution is gaining more and more importance in today’s high competition and demanding economy.

Act fast and care the efficiency!

VANTERM handles the demands of its customers in a very fast course, thanks to our flat organizational structure in the company. This is another important source for our customers, so that they receive an innovative and fast solution for their needs.

ISO 9001


Evaluating and improving the quality of the products and also the related manufacturing processes of these products as a system is inevitable for today’s high demanding competition.

We, at VANTERM, have started to establish our quality philosophy according to ISO 9001 standard, since 2003. We follow ISO 9001 quality management system and periodically have assessments to improve our performance.

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