Filtration of CNC Machining Center (Dry Operation)

Case Study Facts


KF 1100-5 Filter Unit


CNC Machining Center
Dry operation




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*KF Series filter units were replaced with AC-Series filter units in 2008. The current equivalent of KF 1100-5 filter unit is AC-123 Filter Unit.

Requirements and Challenges

FORD OTOSAN-Inonu Production Plant needed filter units for the dry CNC machining operation of metal drivelines. Due to the high speed and continuous operation, the application needs very efficient filter unit that can cope with the high amount of dust load generated



  • VANTERM made measurements on the CNC machining cabin in order to identify air flow capacity for effective filtration. VANTERM determined also the type of filter media for the dry metal machining. The working conditions were non-stop and dry. A high amount of dry metal dust was generated due to the high speed and automatic machining. Moreover, due to working conditions, filter unit should be placed in the production area which dictates compact filter units that are both equally efficient regarding filtration and floor space requirements.
  • KF 1100-5* are perfect for the job with Dust Class: M filtration efficiency and compact design that combines filters, fan-motor group and dust bin inside one unit as a complete package. The result is more than satisfactory with KF 1100-5*. As it is stated by a member FORD-OTOSAN-Inonu Production Plant “We would like to congratulate VANTERM and KF 1100-5* compact filter units for their outstanding dry metal dust filtration performance which are working perfectly since 2006.”