Dust Collection at Automated High-Speed Sandblasting

Case Study Facts


AC-324 Filter Unit


Automated Sand Blasting


AYGAZ A.Ş. - Turkey


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Requirements and Challenges

An old dust collector was used at the AYGAZ plant, for an automated high speed sandblasting machine. The high-speed sandblasting, which runs 3 shifts per day, was used for preparing the surface of the tanks in the production line. The existing unit was a wet-type dust collector and had a very poor filtration quality that caused big problems at the company.

AYGAZ needed a robust filter unit for solving the filtration problem and meet the challenge of its high speed sandblasting machine line.



  • VANTERM made necessary measurements on the automated high speed sand blasting machine in order to calculate the required extraction capacity for the filter unit. VANTERM determined also the type of filter media, after analyzing dust particles and blasting shot balls. The working period is 3 shifts per day, which means a non-stop working cycle.
  • As a result, too much dust was generated during blasting process due to the high speed and automation. VANTERM installed AC-324 dust collector together with rotary-valve dust discharge option. This option replaced the standard dust bins and simplified the work of AYGAZ maintenance operators.