Filtration of Mixing Process (Dry Dust)

Case Study Facts


KAB-43 Filter Units KAB-63 Filter Units


Mixing powder stations


HEKTAŞ – Turkey


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Requirements and Challenges

HEKTAŞ is one of the leading companies in Turkey, for the manufacturing of agricultural chemicals. One of the many various different processes at HEKTAŞ plant is mixing process. Depending on the receipt of the agricultural chemical, different type of dust are used in mixing processes.

During the mixing, a high amount of dust and particles are spread around. Therefore, a filter unit was needed for the mixing workshop, where there are many points similar.



  • VANTERM determined the required suction capacities for each mixer and also decided on the correct filter media depending on the dust type. It was important for HEKTAŞ to recycle the dust, which was collected in the dust bin of each filter unit. The KAB – filter units with their high capacity dust volume and user friendly design, has reduced the maintenance work for the dust disposal.

  • After taking the filter units into operation successfully at the HEKTAŞ production plant, every operator has noticed this easy maintenance-work required and less dust; thus a healthier workplace.