Fume Extraction with Mobile Filter Units

Case Study Facts


PM-801 Filter unit EK2 Extraction Arm


Laser Welding Laser Cutting


IPG Photonics


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Requirements and Challenges

IPG Photonics is one of the leading manufacturer of fiber lasers and amplifiers for diverse laser applications in numerous markets. IPG Photonics’ lines of low, medium and high-power lasers and amplifiers are used in materials processing, such as welding or cutting, and also for communications and advanced applications.

In the application facility and test center of IPG Photonics Eurasia, there was a dust problem during their welding and cutting tests with the robotic applications. A high amount of fume and smoke is produced in the testing and service facility.



  • Since, the application facility has to be as flexible as possible for their diverse application needs, the fume extraction solution must also be very flexible and simple to use. After collecting the data about the fume and smoke load in the application facility, VANTERM installed PM-801 mobile welding fume extraction and filtration unit.

  • PM-801 mobile welding fume extraction unit with its W3 certification and its long filter life-time provides a perfect working condition in the service facility. It has met the demands of IPG Photonics Eurasia. The PM-801 filter unit is equipped with 3-meter length EK-2 model arm, with external mechanism. This provides also clear-flow through the arm and provides a user-friendly maintenance.