Filtration of Plastic and Copper Parts Processing Workshop

Case Study Facts


EK - Extractions arms KO – Extension cranes AC – 164 Filter units


Copper machining Plastic parts machining


SIEMENS – Turkey


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Requirements and Challenges

SIEMENS was investing for a new production plant in Turkey. This new plant has one polyester workshop and one copper workshop, where they are drilling, cutting and machining polyester and copper parts. Filter unit was needed for these workshops.



  • VANTERM determined the required suction capacities for each machine used in polyester and copper workshops. It was possible to recycle the dust particles, collected at the filter units, unless the copper and polyester particles are not mixed with each other. Therefore, it was decided to place two separate filter units: one for cooper and one for polyester workshop.

  • VANTERM decided on the correct filter media for polyester workshop in order to minimize the static electricity charge risk. It was obvious that all the machines used in each workshop, would not run at the same time. This situation made it significant, to integrate frequency inverters to the filter units in order to save energy.

  • According to SIEMENS request, two pieces of AC-164 filter units were painted in RAL-5010-Blue color. The filter units were taken into operation successfully at the new SIEMENS production plant.