Continuous increase in energy prices and strong competition in the market put more and more pressure on the shoulders of the textile industry, to invest in energy savings for the stenter frame lines. Especially, the “Drying and heat-setting of woven fabric on stenter frame” is one of the most energy consuming process in textile industry.

In recent studies, the effect of the heat recovery and filtration systems on the stenter frames are investigated. The energy consumption of a stenter frame without any filter unit and heat recovery system is observed and the post-drying properties of the process-air were examined with thermodynamic analysis.

As a result of these studies, it is shown that there is a great potential for the energy savings at the stenter frames, by adapting an appropriate and correct filter unit and heat exchanger combination. As a rough estimate and depending on the capacity and type of the stenter frame, it is possible to save up to %30-35 energy costs.


VANTERM offers the ESP-600 electrostatic precipitators with its integrated heat exchangers, to meet the energy saving demands on stenter frames. By integrating ESP-600 system on a stenter frame, the following goals are achieved;

  • Reduced energy consumption at the stenter frame
  • The process water can be heated up to 50-70°C, for textile dye-works.

Application: Brückner Stenter frame with 8 Chamber

VANTERM ESP-600 filter units are installed in 2018.

Energy Savings is between 30.000-45.000 KWh/month, depending on the working cycle of the stenter frame.

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