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AC - Filter Units

Product Information

AC – filter units are designed as a central extraction and filtration solution for mainly metal working industries. With its robust and modular design, it is ideally produced for big welding and grinding shops.

However, AC – filter units are also used for extraction needs for industrial processes with high level of dry dust. Although it is designed as a central extraction unit, it is still delivered as ready-to-operate (Plug-n-Play) unit. Thanks to its modular design, the AC – Series filtration capacity can be sized up according to any need.


  • Perfect filtration degree: %99,9 separation quality of 0,2 – 2 micron particles.
  • Low noise level with integrated in-house silencer.
  • Low pressured-air consumption with ΔP controlled automatic cleaning.
  • Operator-friendly dust bin design: No contact with contamination during handling.
  • User-friendly filter elements provide easy maintenance: Tool-free exchange of filter cartridges.
  • Optional outdoor filter unit resistant to outdoor conditions.

Application Range

  • Large welding – grinding halls at metal-working industries.
  • Processes with high amount of dry dust or smoke.
  • Wood industry.

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Product Details

Easy Dust Bin Handling

User-friendly dust bin handling simplifies the maintenance work for the operator.

Filter Elements

Dedicated cartridge filter elements are available for different type of dust, depending on the application.

Technical Specifications

Perfect Cleaning

ΔP controlled automatic jet-pulse cleaning.

Filtration Diversity

Dedicated filter elements for different type of process and dust.

Ideal Extraction

Low ; Medium and High pressure levels for each capacity enable applications with different system pressure-losses.

Adaptive integration

Communication with third-party neighboring processes. Synchronous working, Automatic start & stop with CNC cutting machine, Fault signal sharing.

Power Saving

Optional VFD fan control provides perfect energy savings.

Power Supply

Available with different voltage supplies for different regions of the world.