Bespoke Dust Collectors - Filter Units for OEM

Product Information

VANTERM supply to its OEM customers bespoke dust collector solutions, thanks to its long-term of experience in the field of industrial air filtration. After we get all the required information and the demands about your dust-filtration problem, our engineering team focuses on the potential solutions.

Then we present you the filter units that can meet your demands and solve your dust collection problem. So a sort of tailor-made filter unit is created together with our OEM customers.


  • A tailor-made filtration solution that meets your exact demands.
  • Robust dust collectors, like standard VANTERM filter units.
  • Filter units that will meet CE regulations and other related international standards.
  • User-friendly filter elements provide easy maintenance: Tool-free exchange of filter cartridges.

Application Range

  • Dust and filtration problems in metal-working industries.
  • Oil mist separation and filtration.
  • Different dry dust, fume and smoke problems in industry.

Technical Specifications

Filtration Diversity

Dedicated filter elements for different type of process and dust.

Adaptive Integration

Communication with external machineries: Synchronous working, Automatic start & stop function, Fault signal sharing.

Power Saving

Energy saving with optional VFD control.

Power Supply

Available with different voltage supplies for different regions of the world.