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BG – Mobile Filter Units

Product Information

BG – mobile filter unit is designed as a compact solution for filtration needs of dry dust and particles, generated during various industrial operations.

BG filter units are easy to move in the production halls with its rubber wheels.

BG mobile filter units can be used either together with the extraction arms or together with ducting system depending on customer needs.

BG model filter units have different capacities, that are available with one extraction arm or with two extractions arms.

BG filter units can be equipped with HEPA filter or Activated Carbon filter cassettes, on request.


  • Perfect filtration degree: %99,9 separation quality of 0,2 – 2 micron particles.
  • Low pressured-air consumption with ΔP controlled automatic cleaning.
  • Operator-friendly dust tray design: No contact with contamination during maintenance.
  • High volume dust tray simplifies maintenance work.
  • Differential pressure gauge shows the dust load on the cartridge filter, continuously.
  • User-friendly with its low noise level.

Application Range

  • Any dry dust application with high and medium amount of dust and particles.
  • In various industries.

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Product Details

Control Panel

The control panel with functional switches and visual signals provides all the necessary information for the operator.

Dust Tray

Simple and user friendly dust tray with its high volume reduces the maintenance intervals and simplifies the service work.

Technical Specifications

Perfect Cleaning

The filter cartridges are effectively cleaned by applying automatic powerful air bursts through ΔP controlled quick opening valves. The dust is knocked off by the impact and collected in the dust tray.

Filtration Diversity

Dedicated filter elements for different type of process and dust.

Excellent Filtration

% 99,9 separation degree acc. to EN 60335 – 2 – 69 is standard separation quality for BG models. The separation degree is upgraded to HEPA13 or HEPA14 level, on request.

Comfortable Use

Since the cleaned-air leaves the filter unit from the top, the operators working around BG-models are not disturbed due to the air movements.

Silent Operation

Low noise level ≤ 70 dB(A)

Power Supply

Available with different voltage supplies for different regions of the world.