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Cutting Tables for Plasma

Product Information

VANTERM cutting tables are designed for CNC plasma and OXY cutting operations. The main design feature is their flexibility.

The cutting tables are produced in modular concept, so that it can be adapted to any required dimensions easily. The segmented structure and fully sealed pneumatic controlled, leakage-free lid system ensures a perfect extraction.

Thanks to its robust and strong body, it fits perfect to harsh environment of metal-working industry.


  • Two loading capacity options: 750 – 1500 kg/m².
  • Operator-friendly design: Easy – to – change big particles collecting buckets.
  • Leakage-free lid design controlled by pneumatic valves.
  • Low pressured-air consumption.
  • Thanks to its modular design, it is easy to assemble at site.

Application Range

  • Plasma- and oxy- cutting processes at metal-working industries.

Application Photos

Product Details

Cutting Table

Air outlet for connection with ducting to the dust collector.

Technical Specifications

Ideal Extraction

The filter unit must be selected from VANTERM PL product range, depending on the size of the cutting table and the power of the cutting head.

Adaptive Integration

VANTERM cutting tables can be used with any plasma cutting system in the world.

User Friendly Design

Easy–to–change big particles collecting buckets.