Download Product Technical Specifications

Technical data of our product

Download Product Technical Specifications

Technical data of our product

ECO – Mobile Filter Units

Product Information

ECO – mobile filter unit is designed as a perfect economic solution for filtration needs in welding shops. The high capacity disposable filter cassettes together with metal pre-filter provide a long-standing lifetime.

The new generation extraction arm with its very low pressure loss rotates 360° and provides an ergonomic use on ECO series.

ECO model filter units are available with one extraction arm and with two extraction arms.


  • Perfect two stage filtration which can reach up to F9 or HEPA 13 level.
  • High capacity disposable filter cassettes enable long filter life-time.
  • Its light weight and rubber wheels provide a smooth and easy movement in the production halls.
  • Compact design - Space saving solution.
  • ECO-2 version with two extraction arms is used for two welders at the same time.
  • Low noise level.
  • High safety thanks to the continuous filter monitoring and visual alarm.

Application Range

  • All welding shops.
  • With HEPA13 filter cassettes, it is suitable also for stainless steel welding.
  • Metal working industries.

Application Photos

Product Details

Air Outlet

The airflow outlet on the top provides comfort for the operators working around the filter unit.

Technical Specifications

Excellent Filtration

Two stage filtration. Metal mesh prefilter, made of aluminum is the first stage filter. The second stage is high capacity disposable filter cassette in F9 or HEPA13 quality.

User-Friendly Maintenance

It is very easy to disassemble and wash the prefilter. The high capacity disposable filter cassette can easily be changed.

Product Diversity

Available with one arm model (ECO-1) or two arm model (ECO-2). Different arm lengths (2, 3 and 4 meters) are also available as standard.

Comfortable Use

Since the cleaned-air leaves the filter unit from the top, the operators working around ECO-models are not disturbed due to the air movements.

Silent Operation

Low noise level ≤69 dB(A)

Power Supply

Available with different voltage supplies for different regions of the world.