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ESP-600 Electrostatic Precipitators

Product Information

VANTERM ESP-600 electrostatic precipitators are used to filter the sticky-greasy dust, smoke and odor emissions generated from stenter machines in the textile industry.

Thanks to the integrated heat exchanger module, the ESP-600 units provide an excellent heat recovery and saves energy, as well.

This is a very important advantage for the filtration of hot exhaust gas emissions created in the stenter frames.


  • Two solutions are combined in one product: Filtration unit + Heat exchanger.
  • Great energy saving, thanks to the high heat transfer efficiency,
  • Simple and user-friendly maintenance.
  • It saves floor space in the production hall with its tower design.
  • Low pressure loss: No need for an additional fan.
  • Easy to adapt on the top of the stenter machines.

Application Range

  • Stenter frames in textile industries.

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Product Details

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger in ESP-600 are made of 304-quality stainless steel.

Touch Screen

10.1” colored touch screen provides a user-friendly interface and a simple use for the operation of the ESP-600 filter unit.

Water Heat Exchanger

The water is heated up to the cleaning temperature automatically, through the integrated water heat exchanger.

Technical Specifications

Excellent Filtration

Three stage filtration: Sieve filter + Metal mesh pre-filter + Electrostatic filter cassette.

Perfect Cleaning

Metal mesh filters, electrostatic filter cassettes and the heat exchanger modules are all washed automatically in the system with water.

Comfortable Use

10.1 inch colored-touch screen control panel is integrated with PLC control.

Robust and Strong

The filter body and all the components are made of 304. quality stainless steel.