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KAB – Vortex Filter Units

Product Information

KAB – Vortex filter units are produced mainly for indoor ventilation and filtration of welding-shops. Thanks to its 2-stage filtration technology, KAB-Vortex captures excellent the welding fume and smoke emissions. The filtered-air is returned back to the indoor.

Thanks to its compact design, it fits easily in any factory halls. KAB-Vortex filter units are delivered in 2 pieces with lifting-eyes and forklift pockets, so that it is very simple to assemble these parts at site.

All the rest is ready-to-operate (Plug-n-Play).


  • W3 certification acc. to EN ISO 15012 standard is in progress.
  • The standard filtration quality is at HEPA13 level.
  • High volume and user-friendly dust bin design: No contact with contamination during handling.
  • Tower design structure saves production floor space.
  • User-friendly filter elements provide easy maintenance: Tool-free exchange of filter cartridges and also HEPA cassettes.

Application Range

Welding shops at metal-working industries.
Robotic welding lines.

Application Photos

Product Details

Vortex Effect

The vortex principal to solve the fume and smoke problem at the production halls where local exhaust ventilation is not applicable.

Control Panel

User-friendly control panel is integrated on the filter unit.

Jet Diffuser

Clean air is returned back to the hall through the jet diffusers, which can be individually adjusted depending on the position of the filter unit.

Technical Specifications

Perfect Cleaning

Compressed air saving with ΔP controlled automatic jet-pulse cleaning.

Filtration Diversity

Dedicated filter elements for different type of process and dust.

Adaptive Integration

Communication with external machineries: Synchronous working, Automatic start & stop function.

Power Saving

Energy saving with standart VFD control.

Power Supply

Available with different voltage supplies for different regions of the world.