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KO – Extension Cranes

Product Information

Extension cranes are used together with the extraction arms, in order to extend the range of the arms. VANTERM extension cranes can be used for single workstations together with VR type ventilators.

For central extraction systems, it is mostly chosen to connect the extension cranes to the main ducting.

Extension cranes provide an ergonomic use for the operators and they are suitable for many different industrial environments.


  • User friendly and easy maintenance.
  • Various flexible hose and duct alternatives according to chemical and physical properties of emissions.
  • Extension crane can be connected to central ventilation system or equipped with single individual fan unit. (pls. see VR type VANTERM fan units.)

Application Range

  • All welding shops.
  • Metal working industries.
  • Processes where gases, vapor or light dust particles are generated.

Application Photos

Product Details


The durable arm hood, made of aluminum, provides a perfect extraction thanks to its high capturing efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Perfect Extraction

The flange style of the of the arm hood provides a high capture efficiency.

Robust Design

The extension crane made of steel body is highly robust and resistant to the harsh environment of any metal working industries.

Product Diversity

Different crane lengths (2, 3 and 4 meters) are available as standard. When connected to extraction arms, the maximum length can reach up to 8m.

Comfortable Use

Flexible and easy-moving structure provides an ergonomic use for the operators.