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KTM Workstation

Product Information

KTM-Series workstations are designed to serve both as filter unit and as workbench for metal working industries.

KTM workstations are ready to operate (Plug-n-Play) and provide fume-dust extraction and filtration specifically for welding and grinding processes.


  • Two solutions are combined in one product: Filtration unit + work bench.
  • Integrated spark separator and first stage metal filter minimizes the fire risk for grinding processes.
  • Horizontal AIt saves floor space in the production hall with its compact design.xis Wind Turbine
  • Easy to adapt to any factory lay-out changes.
  • Low operating cost thanks to the cleanable filter elements.

Application Range

Welding and grinding workshops at metal-working industries.
Any brushing or rubbing process that creates dust and smoke.

Download Product Technical Specifications

Technical data of our product

Download Product Technical Specifications

Technical data of our product

Application Photos

Product Details

Power Sockets

Single phase power supply sockets simplifies working with hand-tools.


Lightning with IP65 protection provides luminous work area and comfort for the operator.

Wood Bars

Wood bars provide a smooth work-plane for surface scratch sensitive parts.

Technical Specifications


Two different course of extraction is possible: Downdraft or backdraft. The operator can always adjusts the best effective extraction required.


Two stage filtration : Metal mesh pre-filter + cartridge filter.


Metal pre-filter can be washed. The cartridge filter is cleaned easily via semi-automatic jet-pulse filter cleaning.

Noise Levels

Low noise level ≤ 70 dB(A).

Power Supply

2pcs. of single-phase (230V) power supply sockets are available on the control panel for working with hand tools.