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MD – Modular Hood

Product Information

MD – Modular Hood is designed to control and capture the welding fume, smoke and dust in welding-shops. It fits for all welding processes and particularly the robotic welding applications.

VANTERM MD-Modular Hood avoids the toxic welding-smoke, spreading into the production hall. Thanks to its compact and modular design, the size of the Modular Hood can be adjusted in many different sizes, depending on the needs.

Please see the technical datasheet for more information about the possible sizes.


  • Different size options are available.
  • High process safety and protection against the welding emissions and ultraviolet rays in the welding bath, thanks to the welding strip curtains around it.
  • Enables a perfect fume-smoke capture at source.
  • Provides a perfect smoke capturing with low volume of air.
  • Low transport cost: MD hoods are delivered in parts to be assembled at site.
  • Easy to install at site, due to its simple and user-friendly design.

Application Range

Welding shops and specifically for robotic welding processes.

Application Photos

Product Details

Certified welding strip curtains

The welding strip curtains of the MD Modular Hoods, that are certified acc. to the EN ISO 25980:2015 standard, provide maximum safety.

Technical Specifications

Perfect Protection

Captures the smoke and fume at source.

Maximum Safety

Avoids the welding smoke and fume from escaping into the production hall, thanks to the welding strips, which are certified acc. to the EN ISO 25980:2015.

Product Diversity

Many different sizes are available.

Comfortable Use

IP65 lighting inside the Modular Hood is available, on request.