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PL-Plasma Laser Filter Units

Product Information

PL – Plasma Laser filter units are designed and produced for filtration of dust, fume and smoke, generated during CNC Laser- and Plasma-cutting operations.

PL-Model dust collectors are delivered as ready-to-operate (Plug-n-Play) units. The filter elements with ePTFE membrane are cleaned via reverse jet-pulse cleaning.

Thanks to its robust and strong body, it fits perfect to harsh environment of metal-working industry.


  • Perfect filtration degree with HEPA14 filtration quality.
  • W3/IFA certified acc. to EN ISO 15012 standard.
  • Low operating cost thanks to superior long filter life time.
  • Integrated pre-separator minimizes the fire risk.
  • Low pressured-air consumption.
  • Operator-friendly dust bin design: No contact with contamination during handling.

Application Range

  • Thermal cutting processes (i.e. laser cutting, plasma cutting) at metal-working industries.

Download Product Technical Specifications

Technical data of our product

Download Product Technical Specifications

Technical data of our product

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Product Details

Easy Dust Bin Handling

User-friendly dust bin handling simplifies the maintenance work for the operator.


The colored manometer shows continuously the real-time dust level on the filter elements.

Technical Specifications

Perfect Cleaning

With Vanterm K-type system control;- ΔP controlled automatic jet-pulse cleaning.

Excellent Filtration

High efficient separation quality with panel filter elements.

İdeal Extraction

Separation of hot big particles with integrated pre-separator, minimizes the fire risk and extends filter life-time.

Adaptive Integration

Communication with CNC cutting machines: Synchronous working, Automatic start & stop with CNC cutting machine, Fault signal sharing.

Silent Operation

Low noise level ≤ 70 dB(A).

Power Supply

Available with different voltage supplies for different regions of the world.