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T – Series Workbenches

Product Information

T-series workbenches are ideal solution for manual grinding processes. The sidewalls are opened easily, which enable to work with bigger parts.

Since T – workbenches do not have any filter elements inside, they must be connected to a central dust collector. The central filter unit must be selected from Vanterm product range, depending on the number of the grinding tables and their sizes.

T series grinding table with its back- and downdraft extraction capabilities, is the perfect solution for grinding workshops.


  • The large work surface of T-series enables an effective and ergonomic work during grinding.
  • Specially designed grating provides that the big dust particles during grinding, drop down into the dust drawer. This helps to increase the filter life-time of the central filter unit.
  • Operator-friendly dust drawer design.
  • The effective back panel extraction avoids dust particles to bounce back to the operator during grinding.
  • It saves floor space in the production hall with its compact design.
  • The lighting provides a better vision for the operator.

Application Range

  • Grinding workshops at metal-working industries.
  • Any brushing or rubbing process that creates fume, dust and smoke.

Application Photos

Product Details

Wood Bars

Wood bars provide a smooth work-plane for surface scratch sensitive parts.

Side Walls

Enables adaptation of the workbench for any long or big work pieces.


Lightning with IP65 protection provides luminous work area and comfort for the operator.

Technical Specifications

Ideal Extraction

Two different course of extraction is possible: Downdraft or backdraft. The operator can always adjust the best effective extraction required.

Excellent Capture Efficiency

The big dust particles during grinding drop down into the dust drawer. This extends filter life-time of the central dust collector.

User Friendly Design

IP65 lighting provides safety and comfort for the operator. The maintenance work of the dust drawer is very easy.