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VR – Wall Mounted Fan

Product Information

VR model wall-mounted fan is designed to use together with extraction arm or extension crane. It is the best solution for applications where only ventilation is necessary without any filtration.

VR type fan is delivered as ready to operate (Plug-n-Play). These fans provide an effective fume-dust ventilation for different branches of industry.

Thanks to its cast aluminum housing, it has a robust and strong body.


  • Light weight thanks to its cast aluminum housing.
  • User-friendly: Delivered as ready to operate (Plug-n-Play)
  • High efficiency with IE3 motors and low noise level.

Application Range

  • Used together with extraction arms or extension cranes.
  • Processes where gases, vapor or light dust particles are generated.

Application Photos

Product Details

Wall Bracket

The wall brackets of the VR-Fans provide an easy installation.

Technical Specifications

Perfect Extraction

When used in combination with EK-2 model extraction arms or KO extension cranes, VR fan provides a very effective extraction at emission source.

Robust Design

Cast aluminum housing and aluminum fan wheel.

Comfortable Use

Delivered in a pack together with motor starter, assembly brackets for wall mounting and flexible inlet-outlet connection parts.