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Water Pre-Separator

Product Information

The water pre-separator is designed as a complimentary accessory which is integrated to the selected VANTERM filter unit, on request.

The main function of the water pre-separator is minimizing the fire risk on the dust collector. It is sometimes very essential for processes that creates sparking or very hot particles and emissions.


  • Different size options are available.
  • Simple maintenance and user-friendly design.
  • By minimizing the fire risk, it helps to increases the process safety against fire.

Application Range

Any industrial process that creates dry dust with high fire risk.

Application Photos

Product Details

Control Panel

Operator-friendly control panel with its visual signals is integrated on the filter unit.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Safety

Since water is used as a cooling agent for hot particles, it provides high safety and minimizes the fire risk. Automatic fire extinguishing system can also be adapted on the filter unit additionally, on request.

Product Diversity

Many different sizes are available, depending on the extraction capacity of the main VANTERM filter unit.

Comfortable Use

Service access door enables an easy and user-friendly maintenance.