VANTERM mobile filter units are used for extraction of welding fumes, dry dust and odor containing smoke and particles. All the mobile dust collectors provide a perfect flexibility and mobility for the operators.

The filter units for welding fume extraction are certified with W3 approvals. All of the VANTERM mobile units meet the related international standard, for its application range. Different models with disposable filter elements or cleanable filter cartridges are available.


Stationary filter units are designed for extraction of various dust and particle types at different industrial processes: Welding smoke & fume, Thermal cutting processes (such as Laser cutting & Plasma cutting), grinding shops, robotic cells in metal working industries, High vacuum needs and general dry dust extraction. Many of VANTERM stationary filter units are W3 certified.


Today, production halls are dynamic and fast lay-out changes are inevitable. VANTERM KTM series workbenches are the ideal solution for such needs. Two solutions are combined in one product: Filtration unit + work bench. VANTERM offers other type of downdraft and backdraft tables for grinding, plasma cutting needs.


New model VANTERM extraction arms with low pressure loss, enable great electrical power savings for the central extraction systems via duct pipelines. Extension cranes helps to extract the contaminations from farther points. On the other hand, the wall mounted fans are the best and simplest solution for training centers and schools.


Electrostatic filter units provides a high separation degree for sticky and greasy mist. VANTERM electrostatic precipitators are used mostly for the filtration of exhaust gas from the stenter machines (such as Brückner, Monforts etc.) in the textile industry.

VANTERM electrostatic filter units combines to excellent technology in one unit: Perfect separation + Maximum heat recovery.


The spark separators, cyclones or pre-filters at today’s high speed production become indispensable for some of the industrial dust collecting systems. VANTERM with its long-term experience in this field provides different and tailor-made solutions, for its customers.


VANTERM Filter towers are used as an ideal solution for hall ventilation. When the local extraction equipment (such as extraction arms, hoods…etc.) is not appropriate or not sufficient to use, the Filter Tower units are the best solution. Filter Towers are mostly used in production halls with light dust pollution problem or in welding shops.


Here you will find some of our capabilities and solutions that can help you meet your challenges in your industry. VANTERM, with its long-term experience in the field of industrial filtration, can provide you tailor-made solutions and support you to meet your high environmental standards. We can protect you and your employees from smoke and dust. We can maximize your production efficiency.


VANTERM provides supplementary accessories that are necessary to install, to increase the effectiveness of the whole extraction system. For example, the Pre-coating unit that increases the life-time of the filter elements, for welding processes. Find out more about our auxiliary equipment here.