Filtration of Graphite Processing Machines

Case Study Facts


SM-2200 Filter Unit


Graphite CNC Machining center


METRON B.V. – Netherland


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Requirements and Challenges

Metron B.V. manufactures graphite molds for plastic injection applications with vertical CNC machine. The application dictates an open door machining.

Therefore, during machining, high amount of dust and emissions of graphite are generated. This makes the work environment very dangerous for the operators and also the dust and emissions affect other machines and processes negatively. Therefore, a very effective dust extraction was necessary.



  • VANTERM determined the air extraction need for open door machining process in order to protect the operators and plant environment. In addition to this, due to amount of the dust that is generated during machining, a high volume dust bin and a low maintenance application is a must.

  • SM-2200 filter unit is perfect for the job. With its tower structure, the filter unit is placed next to the CNC vertical machine. By the help of this, it lowers the investments cost for tubing and CNC operator is able to observe both CNC machine and filter unit at the same time without leaving the production area.

  • Moreover, SM-2200 filter unit is connected to CNC machine that it works synchronized and it only starts and continues working with only the actual machining operation. In addition to this, with its automatic jet pulse cleaning, the cleaning system is only activated when cleaning is necessary. These properties ensure high efficient and power saving application.